Sunday, January 31, 2010

sweet light!

So a lot of people ask me how I get such great color. Well the answer is simple... yummy light! What is yummy light you ask? Well, you know that soft yellow-orange glow that you get though your bedroom window when you wake up in the morning? That is sweet light. Delicious to take pictures in! When I see that kind of light I start frantically looking for my camera. Even in winter you can get very nice soft light. All you have to do is look for it.



What I did to make this picture pop!
I use photoshop CS3
1. Adjust levels (this makes your dark's richer and your lights lighter.)
2. Adjusted hue/saturation to get rid of the redness in her cheeks.
3. Ran "color explosion" from MCP actions. Painted it on her dress at 30% opacity

4. Ran "Pro Retouch" action from Totally Rad actions. Painted on skin at 25% opacity
5. Ran "eye doctor" from MCP actions
6. Ran "touch of light/touch of darkness" on face to light it up a bit more. (this site has all of her free actions! All of them are really good!)

7. Ran "high definition sharpening" action from MCP actions (free as well)
8. Added a texture layer mask on top to give it that extra pop.

And done!!

You can not rely on actions to do all the work. Remember the picture straight from your camera has to have nice lighting and good color. Editing is just for enhancing something that is already good. Hope this helps!

Look for more "blue prints" to come!

More pics from the same photo shoot.

I got this AWESOME dress and headband from another talented friend of mine! She is such a wonderful seamstress! Thanks a million Ang!! Contacted her and get one of your own!!

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Seriously, where do you get her clothes and hair things? Did you make that headband?? SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!