Saturday, January 16, 2010

life is good

...when your daughter will pose for you in some yummy, yummy winter light. She looked so stinking cute! She found all her new summer clothes and just had to wear them! I think that we all are missing the summer sun! But it is hard not to when it is 30 below!!! That is right people -30!! (At this moment we are enjoying some nice 30 degree weather, so we really can't complain, but that day we could!)


...when you baby is no longer sick! Porter is feeling better, and we a enjoying all his smiles! I love when they start to smile, it is just so rewarding. But it is a sign that he is getting bigger which makes me sad.


Hapi said...
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Derek and Christi said...

Hannah is looking so big! And that pic of Porter is so cute, he looks alot like Caleb. We miss you guys... sniff.