Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fish tale

I found these pictures that I edited a while ago and never posted them because I was waiting around for Kurtis to download the video of theme telling their fish story.  :)
Hannah's fish tale:  She was "fishing" by herself, which means the poor little worm was sitting on the bottom of the lake, below the dock.  While riling the line back in she miraculously caught a tiny fish!  I was totally shocked!  She was scared to death to look at it because of the blood and all the wiggling it was doing.  So she pretty much stayed away from it while Kurtis took it off the hook.  She insisted on keeping it.  She was so proud of herself.  Here is big brother holding her fish for her.

Caleb's fish tale: Caleb was showing off his fishing skills (which are really pretty good) to me while I lazily sat in the boat soaking in the fresh Idaho mountain air...ahhhhh... oh sorry I got a little off I was saying...
Caleb started pulling in the line and all of the sudden he almost got yanked off the dock.  He started screaming, "Help!!!"  I jumped up and ran over to him. I am frantically trying to find a net and at the same time I am over hearing Kurtis yelling at me from the paddle boat across the lake trying to tell me where it is. (Now that is a long sentence!)  Caleb finally got the big guy in and I scooped it up with the net.  He was huge!  You should have seen Caleb's face!  He was so happy!  That sucker weighted close to 2 pounds, honestly I thought it was going to be bigger.  Fun, I want to go back!

Here are a few more pictures of our stay at the cabin in Island Park.  I had so much fun walking around with my mom and taking pictures!  Can you tell?!!

There was an Eagle at the top of this one tree for most of the time that we spent there.  This is also the breath taking view from the cabin window!

The cabin, taken from across the lake. Oh, how I miss that place!

A few years ago we went on a hike with the kids.  We stopped to admire the view and to build a little fort of broken branches.  While there Kurtis carved this into a tree.  When I went back this summer I went out to see if I could find the tree.  And sure enough it were there and it still looked cute!  Thanks hon!  I love it and you, of course! :)

There is always a tone of things to do there.  Going on a paddle boat ride is one of them! 

These next few pictures were taken with Kurtis's Iphone. 

Thanks Bryon for always sharing your fun toys and awesome Cabin!  We love you guys and miss you all soooooooo much! xoxoxoxoxo