Monday, September 27, 2010

just because

I found these pictures that I took a while ago.  I got so bust with other pictures and shoots that I did not finish my kiddos shoot!  Here are a few, they were so cute I could not help but post them!

What a charmer!!! I love this girl.  She started ballet this fall and just loves it.  She is taking it with a good friend, which makes it even more fun!!
Today we got the Friend Magazine in the mail.  Hannah took it and sat at the table to look though it.  I was busy talking to Kurtis and making dinner, when she asked me for a piece of paper.  This is no uncommin request, she makes about 5-10 pictures a day.  She LOVES to color and draw.  Anyway.. the next thing I knew she was looking at the art in the friend and was trying to draw the pictures in the magazine!  She really has quite the talent.  She is my girl alright!

She calls me stinky ravioli (who knows why!) and Kurtis poppy seed.  She is the family comedian.  


Derek and Christi said...

Oh I just love her and everything she can do. What a cutie.

angela said...

No way!!! Those photos are gorgeous. She looks so cute in that dress.