Monday, September 6, 2010

{Porter} 9 months

All about my baby boy...
You are a definite mama's boy!
You love balls
You love your brother and sister, they always make you laugh!
You like you binky...a little too much...
You sleep on your tummy
You still don't "crawl" but you do a great army crawl.
You insist on making me walk you everywhere.
You like to suck on your bottom lip
When you get excited you twist your ankles and wrists.
You LOVE puffs!
You get excited when you see a balloon.
Everyone is loves your hair,can't get enough of that Mohawk! 
You will always be my baby! I love you!
Poor baby, right after the 3rd picture I snapped he fell off the suitcase and landed flat on his face!  It was horrible!  He cried for a few minuets, but calmed down after I tore apart the car to find the binky!  He ended up with a big scab on his forehead.  Thank goodness for photoshop!

1 comment:

angela said...

Way, way, way too cute. I love the stool and suitcase! Where do you find these treasures!
Nice work, woman!