Sunday, December 12, 2010

20+ inches of Snow!!!

Really need I say more?!  I can't believe it!  Church was even canceled,  and the snow plows were taken off the roads because of the wind and and snow conditions.  I might not make it one more day stuck in the house with my kids!  I juts might go crazy!!!

Here is our back yard, notice how deep the snow is around our trampoline!

 The view from our front door.  Now that is a big drift!

It was a lot of work to dig out our drive way.  You can see how much snow we got by looking at how high it is on Kurtis.  That is after 3 shovelings(and a wonderful neighbor with a snow blower)! 

I dug out some snow pants from our winter box for Porter.  They were perfect!  He was dying to go outside. Porter did not stay outside for long, because all though it looks warm out it was freezing!!!  The high was 2 degrees! 

My litte guy was so happy to be out of the house.  I love his smile.  His whole body gets happy!

I had to add this last picture of Caleb because it is so funny!  Caleb loves to be outside working along side  Kurtis.  I love how he wears his ski goggles.  I love that his front teeth are going in.  I love this happy boy.

( I was just informed by my dear husband that school has been canceled tomorrow..... HELP!!) 

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Derek and Christi said...

How fun! I wish we would get some more snow! Little Porter looks like Gwen when she gets bundled up. Like they're unable to move. She's the smae way, we just take her out for five minutes and she's satisfied. I'm getting excited seeing you guys all dressed up in your snow clothes!