Sunday, December 19, 2010

medium List

Hannah as been so concerned about the naughty and nice list.  The other day I asked her what list she thought that she was on.  She told me that she was probably on the "medium list"  because she is not good all the time.  I tired really hard not to laugh, because she was very serious about it.  Come Christmas we will see what she gets.....a big chunk of coal ( I found some at Walmart!!) or a strawberry short cake set.   What will it be?!

On to other good things...... Hannah got a rock tumbler for her birthday from her Uncle Jacob and Aunt Robin.   Little did we know that it takes 4 WEEKS for complete the "tumbling"!!  After about 14 days of listening to the rocks tumble, tumble, tumble..... (there was a lot of tumbling)  Hannah decided that she had enough waiting.  We took the rocks out and rinsed them and this is what they look like!!  They are so pretty and Hannah absolutely thought that it was worth the wait.  She has been busy making necklaces and rings for friends and family for Christmas.  She is in rock heaven!!

(wish I got a picture of the "before")

I got out my tri-pod the other night and took some pictures of our tree ornaments.  I know that you were really wondering what was on my tree this year! ;)

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Derek and Christi said...

I WAS wondering what was on your tree.