Friday, December 10, 2010

A lot of snow

When it snows here is really SNOWS!!  We got dumped on a few nights ago and tonight we are supose to get 6-10 more inches!!  My kids are exploding with excitement, me I am dreading it!  Why you ask?
Now let me educate you on on a MN winter:

1.  the snow WILL NOT melt until at least march....yes, you are allowed to cry with me. 
2. a lot of the time it rain/hails then snows.... we are talking a lot of ice, everywhere.
3.  the snow is no fun to play in because the snow is in layers of ice, snow, ice, snow (you get my point)
4.  you step outside and your lungs feel like they are going to expolde, due to the -40 degree windchill
5.  ... need i say more?!  It is dang COLD!!

My two older kids have braved the cold, fluffy-non mold-able-snow, and ice for the past few days.  I could not help but take a few pictures of them all bundled up.  Porter also experienced the snow first hand.  He put his little hand right in it.  Poor guy, did not know what he was getting into!

This is what our fire place normally looks like.  Notice the Binky at the end, Porters contribution. 

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