Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh to have faith like a child!

This past week Caleb has been having some Asthma issues. It only flairs up when he gets a cold, or when its cold outside. (MN winters not fun at our house!) So he as been fighting this cold for about week now and has been having a hard time breathing after doing simple tasks, like playing, riding his bike, or walking long distances.(All I can say is how thankful I am for his nebulizer sp?) So I have been keeping a close eye on him. The other day he had some friends come and get his to play. I told him if he had a hard time breathing to come back in. Well about an hour later he came in for a drink, I asked him if he was feeling okay he said, " Yeah mom I fell fine because all I have to do is touch Jesus's robe and I will feel better. You know mom you just have to have faith!"
Caleb is such a sweet boy, I love his great attatude and personality! Love you Caleb!

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mnjacksons said...

Caleb your so cute. About Twilight series- I read all 4 books in Jax and loved them. i could not put them down- tons of late nights and lots of kid movies.i tried to tell jeff about them, but it always sounded dumb to hear what i was saying-he didn't understand that they were so good. He did realize i could not do anything else until i was done with the books. we can talk.