Monday, August 4, 2008

No Snow......Yeah!!

We went to the cabin in Island Park to spend some time with Kurtis's family and the great thing about it was that there was no snow!! We were so happy to play outside and not have to huddle together on the boat or just sit inside and watch it snow, hail or rain!!
Caleb went out on the boat with Great Grandpa and Kurtis to fish. This is the fish he hooked! Great job Caleb!!

Kurtis had been waiting for this moment all summer! He was the first one to try out the new wake board and had quite a hard time trying to get his gigantic feet into the boots! He used up about half the bottle of dish soap to get them on and the other half to get them off! But despite all the soap he had a blast out there! (And I think that he had the cleanest feet!)

Caleb relaxing while Hannah and I are slowing being dragged by the boat. Hannah had so much fun out there.........but as for me......I think that I would rather be in Caleb's place! Thanks Derek for not dumping us!
I don't have a picture of Caleb ridding the tube, but he sure had a blast! He kept yelling "faster!" and standing up to ride the waves in the tube. He never wanted to get off, after each ride he was say "who wants to go next with me?!" It was so funny to see all his facial expressions!
We drove the 4-wheelers to this gorgeous spot! It was so pretty and green, I could not believe all the wildflowers! We brought a picnic lunch and explored all the beautiful surroundings!
Caleb is pretending to be Darth Maul! Hannah is...... I guess I really don't know what she is doing!
Hannah and Aunt Christi

Caleb, Evelyn, & Hannah
The kids had so much fun playing with their little cousin Evelyn! They crawled all around the cabin with her! It was so cute to watch! Hannah still talks about playing with her! Derek and Christi- I think that we need to come up and play again!!

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Brewer Bunch said...

Okay... so I LOVE your pictures... and I am trying VERY hard not to be overly JEALOUS of the fun that you are having out there while we are here MELTING in the humidity :). Enjoy EVERY minute that you have with your family, and have some extra fun for us!!