Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Princess what?

The other day I was reading my my awesome, but kinda weird book (Breaking Dawn) while my kids where playing Mario Cart....I know I am such a great mom! (its all the books fault I swear! I just can't rip my self from it!! All of you ladies know what I am talking about! Kurtis wants nothing to do with the book, or hear about the book, even though I tell him anyway! So if any of you ladies want to "discuss" the book let me know! I would love to chat about it! )
Anyway......I over heard them fighting about Princess Peach's name.
Hannah: "I want to be Princess Pea, okay Caleb!"
Caleb: "No Hannah, her name is not Princess Pea, it is Princess Watermelon!"
Hannah: "Oh okay, I want to be Princess Watermelon."
Caleb: "Hannah, I just know everything about Mario Brothers so next time you can just ask me what their names are."

And there you have it. If you do have that burning question about Mario Brothers names
just call 1-800-Princess Watermelon!

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The GAG nears said...

Love this story! Sounds just like conversations at our house on a regular basis! And totally understand the reading while kids do whatever phase! I agree with Breaking Dawn being a little weird. I do like how it ended though. Are you finished yet?