Monday, August 4, 2008

Wood Family Reunion

The wood reunion was really fun! It was full of activities, games and food! Here are the kids and I preparing to launch our homemade rockets! All the kids took turns launching there rockets to see how high they could fly. We did this for at least and hour and a half! It was truly a "blast"! (Cheesy I know, but I could not resist!:))

Caleb, Mommy and Hannah

Christi some how managed to french bread Hannah' s extremely thin stringing hair! It looked so cute!

I bought these cute shirts at Target for all the Reed girl cousins, then made them matching hair bows and then Christi and I made the adorable tutus! If you are interested I would love to make your daughter one! Just give me a call, or even better...come over!

Caleb and Evelyn

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