Monday, December 8, 2008

Awesome new phone!!!

My phone was so dumb! If any of you have tried to call me within the past month you know what I am talking about! It always said "call failed" when I tried to call, or it would never ring....just sit there in silence.... I HATED it!!! Lets just say I did not say very nice things about it, and now I am hearing those words coming out of my kids mouths! Oops! (I did try to control myself but it was very difficult!)
SO FINALLY I GOT A NEW PHONE, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I know that it is not a blackberry, an Iphone, ect. but it is just right for me!
COoL FeaTurEs.....
- you can put all your music on it (While waiting in the very long Walmart return line on Saturday i wiped out my earphones and turned on some Carrie Underwood!)
-You can pick any of those songs for your ring tone...mine is Love Story by Taylor Swift (so if i don't answer for a few rings you will know why!)
-You can put movies on it (yes, I know all my movies are kid ones.....but can't you just see the joy in grocery shopping now!!!)
-And .... Drum Roll please! The phone is ....... FREE!!!
It is a Nokia Xpress Music phone from T-moble
Colors to choose from: purple (mine), orange, & red

So if you are with T-moble and are due for a new phone, get this one! It is awesome!!
Alrright, I will step down now....


Derek and Christi said...

Hurray for you!

Rachel said...

Jealous! My phone looks like it was made by playschool

Rachel Seren said...

Nice, Josh has the orange one!