Monday, December 15, 2008

What's a party without cake & presants?!

Hannah LOVED all of her presents (of course they all had something to do with princesses, Dora, and "mommy things"!! She was in 3 year old heaven!

What, you are suprized that we had a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with princesses on top?! If you know Hannah, you know that she LOVES chocolate (or ANYTHING with sugar in it) quote: " Mom, I R -E- A- L- L- Y need some sugar right now!"
" Mom, does broccoli have sugar in it?"
And yes, she LOVES princesses.....hummmm.... I wonder what she likes more?

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Rachel said...

Her expressions kill me! She's so animated! It looks like she had tons of fun and her cake looks awesome. Did you *make* that?!