Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day at the Zoo

For the past few months Kurtis has been planing his 10 year class reunion (he has enjoyed planning as much as I thought he would!) They planned it just right so that we would be in Utah and we were able to go, Kurtis was so glad! took place about 2 weekends ago. It was fun and it came together very well. While Kurtis and I were crazy getting ready for the big day my Mom, sister in law Robin and my little brother Jayden came up to take the kids for awhile while we decorated and such...Here thay are at the zoo! They had so much fun!

Robin and the kids

Hannah drinking out of the Lion drinking fountain! If you have ever been to the Idaho Falls Zoo you know that you have a picture of this!

Caleb and Jayden have so much fun together!

After the zoo they went across the street to play at the park. My mom said that it was covered with tons of garbage. Apparently there had bee a few parties there that day. When Caleb saw this he said "This is disgusting!" He then went about picking up all the garbage. He picked up each piece and carried it all the way across the park to put it into the garbage. My mom kept asking if he wanted to play instead and he said no. So he picked up garbage the whole time they were at the park!
You better watch out Caleb's on Litter control!
(Picture is from a while ago...but I am sure that this is the face that he made when he saw the garbage!)

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Dean Family said...

Oh he is so great!! We need more people like him this country!! Congrats on the reunion.