Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Party Time at Snowbird

As all of you may know Kurtis started his internship this year at the new LDS Hospital in Murray. The doctor over the interns planed a great get-to-know-you party at Snowbird. They had tons of things for the kids....and adults to do! Caleb loved the bungie tramp, he even managed a flip! Hannah was a little scared but was brave enough to try a few jumps.

Caleb's Flip!

We also got to ride a tram up the mountain......3,000 feet up! It was so beautiful! There was still quite a bit of snow up there. When we got to the top we got to walk around and soak up the beautiful scenery. The kids a a snowball fight!
Here are the kids in the tram. The tram can hole 120 skiers.....I would not dare ski that crazy mountain! I looked really scary when there is not much snow!

Going up!

Top of the world!

Mommy and Hannah!


Dean Family said...

So cute and so fun!!! I am so happy for you guys- Enjoy it there. And that Mountain really isn't that bad, Jolene you can do anything!

Rachel Seren said...

looks like a ton of fun!

mnjacksons said...

great job Caleb. My kids loved seeing the flip! Don't you love snowbird- it is so beautiful. are you enjoying UtaH? we miss you guys. call us ya