Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The great outdoors!

It has been way too long since I have posted anything so I am going to try to post everything that we have been doing this past month.....so bear with me! :)

A few weeks ago we braved the outdoors to do a little camping! We found a beautiful camping spot right on the lake and took total advantage of it! Kurtis went fly fishing every chance he got, the kids went swimming, put their feet in the water, and went for rides on the little fishing raft.
We even went for a little hike:
Caleb: "Its too rocky out here!" My legs are starting to hurt." " I am getting thirsty." " Can we got back to our tent?" "Mom, can you hold my stick gun collection?" "Mom can you find any sticks that look like guns?"
Hannah: "Mommy, are we climbing a mountain?" "Mommy, I see a bug!" "Mommy can you carry me?" Daddy can you give me a shoulder ride?"
So....when I say little I mean it!
We did enjoy the time that we sent outdoors, even though I seem at times to get a little stressed out because of all the dirt my kids seem to collect, it was nice to get away from the every day stress and take advantage of the beauty that surrounded us.

Well needed rest and relaxation! Kurtis and kidos!

You may not be able to tell that Caleb is holding up a fish that he caught but he is, you just have to look very, very close! This lake had tons of little fish, their mouths were hardly big enough to bit the hook, they just ate the worm off. So it was fun for him to finally snag one!

Kurtis's big catch! Watch out its a big one!!
I thought that that this was so funny, you are sure to love it too!

Sorry about the bad picture, I was recording it with our camera, the video camera was out of juice!


Rachel Seren said...

Kurtis looks very relaxed in the hammock! I just love camping and getting away from everything. Looks like so much fun!

Rebecca said...

when can we catch up and hang out? Name a day! I love your family and want to see you now that you are so close to us. We could have you over for dinner or something - let me know your schedule and you number since I lost my cell and had to redo all numbers and now don't have anyone's!

mnjacksons said...

Yes i love it! Camping is so much fun and a lot of work too. Hope you are having a great summer. miss you