Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Caleb, Jayden and Hannah watching the game!

Kurtis was proud of his home run ball! I was really surprised to see how fast he ran to get that ball!

The kids and I

We went to the Salt Lake City Bees game on the 5th of July. The very first pitch was a home run for the apposing team, but Kutis some how managed to catch the ball! It was pretty neat! Caleb talked about it the whole night! Here are a few pictures of "the ball".
We got these great seats in the outfield on the grass. We just laid down a blanket and let the kids run wild. It was nice not to have the kids pinned down in a two foot radius.
A few nights later Caleb made up this cute little song about the game:
"You go to the baseball game and your mom buys you popcorn and you get to see a home run. And maybe you dad can catch a ball."
It seem a bit longer but i can't quite remember it all, I am hating that I did not write it down earlier.

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The Cooks said...

Hi Jolene. I was so glad to find you this is Tracy Cook. Holy cow your kids are big and so beautiful. Your family looks way happy and I love your crafty stuff good for you. Looks like you guys have had some super fun days. I am glad you are happy and having fun.