Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Somthing fishy....

For some reason Hannah is afraid of Grandpa Scott, so we had to quickly snap this shot of Hannah actually sitting this close to him! Sorry Scott i know that she really does love you!!

While my family was here for the 4th we went to this Aquarium in Sandy. The kidos had fun seeing all the fish and Marian life. Caleb spotted this really cool star fish that looked like Darth Maul,(his favorite Star War character at the moment) Hannah like all the little tiny fish, or anything that was pink! She would say, "Oh mommy look how cute that tiny fish is! He is my favorite!" She really is all girl. Kurtis calls here his Little Movie Star!

Super Heros to the rescue! Caleb is Spiderman and Jayden is Batman! These two have so much fun together. We never see them apart! Caleb is so excited to live so close to Jayden. If he had it his way we would be living next door!

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