Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More kido pics and the most amazing baby shower for me!!

I took these pictures awhile ago, but have been having problems putting them on my blog.....takes FOREVER to upload. These are from a shoot that I did with my friend a while ago....notice the green/warmth??!! It was a blast! And it makes it so easy when they are all just so cute!

Hannah and her BFF Ellie. On Saturday we got together and the girls got to play for a while, but when it was time to go Hannah broke down crying. Poor thing, "she just wants to play with Ellie!" To say the least, we are going to miss them like crazy when they move next year!!

Caleb and Hannah have their moments, but for the most part they get along really well.

Sadly I only got very few pictures of Hannah. This is not the greatest, but it was the best one I got of her.

Love, love, love this picture of Caleb.

Also, a sweet and talented friend of mine gave me an awesome baby shower last Friday night! It was so fun and everything was just beautiful. The theme was rubber duckies. She even made my family out of ducks, so cute!! She also made me a gorgeous blanket, bib, and onesie to match the theme. They turned out so beautiful. She is an awesome seamstress. I have been waiting to have a baby when I lived close to her because I knew what she would make me!!! Yea for my cute blanket!!!
Now lets talk food!! Yummy!! Every bit was delicious! All the little treats were made by hand and with so much love! We also had a decedent pasta salad and a almond encrusted blue cheese salad that was to die for. It was the best shower ever! THANK YOU so much Angela! You really are so talented!!
To see pictures of the big bash go to her blog! Click here


Lindsay said...

What a fun baby shower! What a blessing your friend is!! I am so excited for your family welcoming a new little one-so sweet. Your pictures are great too!!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, you are SOOOOOOOOO lucky!! What an awesome shower, that is the cutest set up!