Monday, October 19, 2009

The last day of light....

I know, it is probably not the last day of light, but I always feels that way when November hits. I took these just for fun, no editing, no nothing, in the raw people! I also took a picture of the front of our house. More pictures to come of in the inside and a really fun project that I just finished that looks absolutely amazing! Hopefully I will get them out of the camera and on the computer soon. :)

Hannah had a hold of the camera for a few shots. I thought that this one turned out pretty cool of Caleb.

Hannah took this picture "all by herself!" She thought that it was so funny that dad looked like a giant!

Hannah practicing her Ballet moves.

Loved the sun in this picture! Just can't get enough of it!

Hannah giving a ride to Caleb on her bike.

Our cute house. We love it. Today Hannah said "Mommy, i hope that we never move from our house. I hope I live here forever."


Brewer Bunch said...

what cute pictures! Love the different angles - you are so creative! Talk to you soon!!

.... sending 'get the baby out' vibes your way!!

Bryon said...

Love to see all your pictures. Your house looks so nice. I wish I could be there to see you sooner.

Derek and Christi said...

Cute pics, looks like so much fun. I love the pic of your house, I want to see some of your kitchen table and chairs... can you get right on that?