Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I recovered my old car seat. It was a HUGE project and I had to enlist my very talented friend to help me. Well, she pretty much did the whole thing for me. I think that we broke 9 needles trying to get thought the thick batting. Now, that is a good friend! Thanks a millions Angela!! I LOVE it to pieces!

Close up to the cuteness!

LOVE the fabric on the chairs! I found it at Hancock Fabric at 50% off. It is an outdoor marital, so it should be okay with the kidos. But I am still paranoid!

Here it is!!! I finally finished our table and chairs. It was not too big of a project, but it did take a lot of cans of spray paint. The chairs and the table legs were a dark green. The cushions were a cream, black and green plaid. I wish that I could find a picture of the table before. (I know that I have one somewhere.) I just love the way it turned out. Whenever I look at it, it makes me happy!

I bought new curtains for the sliding glass door to replace the very ugly 80's style vertical blinds. They are just prefect for the kitchen. And yet another look at my awesome table and chairs!

Our cute RED kitchen! I have always wanted to paint my kitchen red. So why not do it when I am 6 months pregnant! The red is more true to the real color in the first picture.

Our family room on the main floor. It is right next to the kitchen, so perfect for the kids to play in while I am cooking, cleaning ect. We also love our fire place. My kids are very excited to have one for Santa to come down.
The man we bought the house from left this huge, very heavy entertainment center in the corner. It is too big for us to move, so there it stays. Although Kurtis has found many things for it. Right now he has a computer that runs our whole TV and movie entertainment. If you ever get the chance to stop by just ask him about it and his eyes will light up! He loves the system!

(You also may be asking what are those hideous vertical blue blinds on the window?! I know, they are very ugly, but Kurtis has band me from buying any more curtains. Most of the windows needed new curtains $$$.)


Melanie said...

Did you seriously spray paint those chairs and table???? I really want to paint my table and chairs black but haven't been looking forward to all the work...spray painting sounds much easier. PLEASE teach me how you did it. Your kitchen is really pretty. I love the colors.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I loooooooove your house!!! That is so awesome! And your inspire me.