Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get along little doggie!

Robin and Jacob came to visit us for their so called "summer vacation" So what did we do??!! Go to the State Fair of course! What was more awesome was that the entertainment things were free! Here is Caleb, Hannah, and Robin looking at the White Tigers from India!

Now how can you go to the fair without getting a cow picture?!

Caleb and I at the Rodeo!
The Rodeo was great! Plus it was FREE! You can't beat that! My kids really had a fun time. Hannah loved the Cowgirls and barrel racing and Caleb thought that the bull riding was awesome!

Caleb thought that the horses where having a meeting! I was too funny!


Brewer Bunch said...

Jolene -
What fun pictures!! Oh, and TAG - Check my blog to see the rules! Have a great day!

The GAG nears said...

fairs are so fun! We never make it to the state fair. Glad you had an excuse to go! We need to hang out soon! Glad Caleb is liking school. Are our little stripling warriors ready for the world?