Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Night

Kurtis, Hannah, and Caleb watching Hannah's ball sail down the middle of the lane preparing for a spair! I would have loved to use this little handy ramp, because I had forgotten how horrable I am at bowling! But I was clearly reminded when Hannah, my 2 year old daughter beat me! So sad, I know!
Hannah went bowling in style! She has been wearing this adorable outfit for about a week now!
Caleb loved every second! He hated waiting for his turn, but in the end he ended up tying me. 72 was the big number! Yeah Caleb!
Kurtis beat the socks off us all! It was a great family night! It's always fun to have Kurtis home with us!
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Rachel Seren said...

Sounds like we have been thinking alike when it comes to family outings. We just went to the childrens museum here, and bowling! :) Yea I am horrible at bowling, I think four frames went by and I only recieved 4 points. Yea for me! Both boys beat the pants off me!