Friday, September 12, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Caleb absolutely LOVES Baseball! He talks about it all the time, and loves to practice with dad. Kurtis taught him to catch the grounders like this. So whenever he is out in the field this is his stance! He just looks so Cute!
Caleb and Kurtis practicing before the big game!

Caleb's team is the Yankees, but if you ask Caleb they are called the Ankees!

Caleb taking a swing at the ball! He usely hits it on his first try. I think that he is getting really good. It may just be that he and one other boy are the only 5 year olds, everyone else his 3 or4!

Caleb waiting for the batter to get to the plate.

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Brewer Bunch said...

What a cutie! Caleb is getting so big! COME BACK, COME BACK, COME BACK!!! You are missed more than you can imagine!!!