Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip to Provo

We took a trip to Provo a few weeks ago to see the BYU football game with my family. Before the game we took a drive up the mountain to have a picnic and take a hike! We hiked all the way to to the top of this waterfall! It was a steep climb, but we all made it! It was defiantly worth the climb! It was just beautiful!

Jayden and Caleb

Hannah and dad taking a look at the waterfall. It was really wet and slippery but it was so fun! For those of you who know Whitney Archibald....the girl in the red shirt is her sister! She married my mom's cousin, they are going to school at BYU so we invited them to come along too! What a small world!
Paige(my cousin) and Hannah

The kids playing in the water.

Caleb looking studly!


Dean Family said...

Oh your kids kill me. How beautiful that waterfall is. Oh, I miss you sooooo much!

Rachel said...

Sweet! I found your blog! And it's so cute!!! What a fun trip to Provo!!