Thursday, September 11, 2008

Caleb's 1st day of Kindergarden!!

Caleb is verrrrrry ready to go to school! He has been asking me for the past 3 months how many days until school starts! I know that he will be an awesome student and friend to everyone in his class. He is such a friendly boy and people tend to gravitate to him. So far he has loved riding the bus and thinks that it is so cool that he gets to ride it two times a day!

Here is Caleb in the car before we stated off to school. I wanted to take him the first day, even though Caleb REALLY wanted to ride the bus. So we followed it instead, which was still fun for him and made me happy as well. After school I went to pick him up and he insisted on riding the bus home. So I got back in the van and followed the bus home. I really tried not to cry, okay maybe just a few tears. As I watched him get on the bus and realized he has gotten so big and independent, but at the same time he looked so small on the huge bus. He could hardly look out the window!

Caleb's teacher Mrs. Tomilson is greeting all the new Kindergardeners. She is so nice and Caleb really likes her.
While Caleb was waiting in line to go into class he kept waving at me, I thought oh how cute! But after the 3rd wave he finally walk over to me and said "Bye mom, you can go now." Well I guess that I will be missing him a little more than he will me!
In the video Caleb is telling me all the things he is excited about. Notice Hannah, once again in her ballet outfit!

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